Re: Prepare to freeze to death this winter

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> >> You've never been in constant pain have you? Trust
> >> me... there is not much you can do except TRY and
> >> sleep.
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> >> But the point I'm making is that "things" happen to
> >> people that totally flip flop their whole lives upside
> >> down.... and not for the better.
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> >> And no one is exempt from this possibility
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> > Try 20+ years with a injured back, broke two vertabre in
> > '84, no trouble getting high power pain killers from any
> > doctor I have seen. Found that I do not like the effects
> > of any psycho active agent. Learned to live without them,
> > still have pain, but it does not have me. Did regain ful
> > use of lower parts. Able to lift and carry about 200 lbs
> > of attractive females with pleasurable effort. Life is good
> > for those that live, assisted sucide is good for those that
> > refuse to live.
> i concur. i broke 2 lower vertabrae when i was 12 (1966). i
> have floating bone chips from that. in 96, i was in a car
> accident & tore the muscles from the same 2 vertebrae.
> pain can be managed with mindset. i told the docs after the
> car accident i'd be rollerblading in 6 months... i did, too!
> then i had a baby.
> lee

I also concur. Have struggled with lymnphadema (leg - from surgery that
found Hodgkins) for over 30 years. When I struggled - and refused to modify
my lifestyle - I ended up in the hospital with massive infections. Having
finally learned to slow down (I'm very stubborn about 'not' doing things) I
have kept the hospitalizations down to once every 2-4 years. And I now have
a small job - working at home on my computer - in an industry that did not
even exist not too many years ago. It still bothers me that I cannot work
and provide for more of my living costs - but I'm 66 now - maybe time to
accept that I do have to slow down.


Learn something new every day
As long as you are learning, you are living
When you stop learning, you start dying