Shutting down the Wally-Buzz wingnut crap fest

Oh the humanity! Zombies disrupt (attack) helpless special needs children! Never mind that officials from the Special Olympics have gone on record saying that these "zombies", standing silently with their backs to the Walker whore, did NOT disrupt their ceremony. Never mind that these "thugs" were mostly students protesting Walker's plan to slash $900 million from the state's education budget and cripple Badger Care, Wisconsin's Medicare program, two acts which would harm special needs children far more than any "disruption"! Wally's video NEVER IDENTIFIES THE PROTESTERS AS UNION MEMBERS!

The whole phony shit storm was orchestrated with the help of one of the more repellent Koch goons calling herself Vicky McKenna (real last name: Pyzynski) who claims to be the voice of Americans for Prosperity,
a Koch-backed anti-labor, pro-corporate right-wing think tank. This
douchebag, complete with police record, urged on the crowd, saying it would be a good thing to "pile on" the demonstrators and "punch them out" even if it meant being arrested!

And by the way, that YouTube video Wally points to was supplied courtesy of the MacIver Institute, a corporate front organization with close ties to the Koch-backed Americans for Prosperity think tank.
It's disreputable record can be read at

And so we leave Wally to weep, moan, and wring his hands over
children he really cares long as they help feed his wingnut mania. Buzz? He's just along for the ride, probably taking time off from being some corporate big shot's caddy.