Re: Guess who collected Social Security?

On Fri, 22 Apr 2011 11:59:58 -0500, Figaro <figaro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

The Rethug's newest poster boy for attacking Social Security, Paul Ryan,
hates SS because it causes "dependency". Well, he should know. After his
father died, Ryan, age 16, collected his father's SS payments as a
surviving dependent. As he himself said, those payments helped pay for
his college education. Now Ryan is a devoted cult follower of creepy mad
woman Ayn Rand, Goddess of Greed. He even makes his staff members read
Atlas Shrugged. But wouldn't you know it, Rand herself, enemy of
"moochers" and "handouts" collected SS herself under her married name of
Oconnor! What a couple of miserable hypocrites.

When did Ryan *attack* Social Security or say that he hates it?

Searching the biggest lie sites I can find (those that you quote in
your *FACT*! style, before slithering away claiming that you never
posted it) all I can find are these:

"Paul Ryan Hates Kids" - Yes, that's the title of the story

"Ryan hates seniors" - Yes, once again, it's real (sad).

"Paul Ryan Hates Poor People" Yeppers, that's the brilliantly clever
title - imagination doesn't seem to the the leftists' friend, aye?

"Paul Ryan in Your Pockets: Government by People Who Hate You" -
Hmmm, since I read it, I guess he now hates me.

"Does Paul Ryan Hate The Green Bay Packers?" Gasp! He hates the

"Why does Paul Ryan hate American leadership?" Ahhh, that's IT. He
hates himself!

Hmmm, quite a vocal group, these folks. Short on imagination, fact,
logic, or rational thought, but they are sure vocal!

I would guess seeing it all together may make you start to realize how
ridiculous it is, huh?