Re: Would You Trust the Government to Control Your Online Identity?

On Wed, 12 Jan 2011 12:03:36 -0500, WaIIy <WaIIy@(nft).invalid> wrote:

No more then Bush administration. Obama is just following
Bush's lead.

I see, obama is responsible for not one thing, it's Bush's fault.

Did I say that, no. You did not me. Stop putting words into
my mouth. Try to read what is there and don't add shit that isn't. If
you follow someone's lead, and fall into a manhole, it's your own damn
fault. Obama said he would close Gutomino (Cuba), he did not, he has
not done a thing to undo anything Bush did to take away our rights, he
is following Bush's lead, and has added to it.

You really have gone leftist.

You really got to learn reading comprehension.

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