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That's the amount of debt racked up while pelosi was speaker... PER

More was racked up in her 1461 days as speaker than was amassed by the
first 49 speakers.

So, when the Republicans talk about cutting $100 billion, thats
roughly only 27 days worth of deficit spending during pelosi's reign.

Yet, the howling is coming. The sad sack stories are coming. Everyone
with 1/2 a brain cell had to know that the left's spending coundn't
continue, yet there will be story after story of this family who can't
afford this, an elderly person who can't afford that, a child who
doesn't have the other.

And at the same time, the Republicans, controlling only 1/2 of
Congress, will be criticized for not reigning in the left's deficit.

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Sounds like most was during Bush reign!

Bush wasn't Speaker.- Hide quoted text -

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Bush acepted the Bills!  What budgets did he request?

Who approves the budgets?

  Republican congress, during Bush's 6 years without a single spending
veto.  AND his no downpayment money law for house flippers since 2004.

  So, how much of this spending was on Bush commitments (see Medicare
part D, no-bid pharma) and Gramm's economic meltdown?

  Show us.

When is it going to sink in that the federal government is broken?

As long as you refuse to tax the rich, the Governemtn will remain