Re: Cooperatives Provide Viable Alternative to Capitalism

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Cooperatives Provide Viable Alternative to Capitalism
by D-L Nelson

People talk of capitalism, socialism or communism as if these were the
only three economic systems for the world to choose from. Little is
said about co-operativism, one of the least-publicized economic

I didn't see the answer to these questions in the article so maybe you
can answer for me...

What is the process the members go through to get their respective
countries to let them opt out of government programs (health care,
Social Security's equivalent, unemployment, etc)?

Do the members build their own roads, highways and other

Do the members have their own health care system or do they utilize
government systems/insurance in countries with nationalized

  No, you are thinking of the Fairtax.  =)

No, I am asking a question about the vaunted co-op system.  It sounds
like it's a great economic system as long as it can mooch off of a
real system.

Sounded like your thinking of elite gated communities - which can moch
of a real situation

The Fair Tax in no way resembles an economic system and has never been
represented that way to my knowledge.  I would have thought even you
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