Re: Our military mosque

On Sat, 07 Aug 2010 10:52:25 -0500, Figaro <figaro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

On 8/7/10 10:36 AM, Buzz wrote:
On Sat, 07 Aug 2010 08:55:03 -0500, Figaro<figaro@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Yes, we have a military mosque in Washington. It's located in the
Pentagon where 184 people died on 9/11. It comes complete with an Army
Muslim chaplain. You didn't know there's a mosque in the Pentagon?
Neither, it seems, do the slopehead tools of the right ("When we press
your button you will all scream: "no mosque near Ground Zero"!) or the
Jewish ADL hypocrites who, of all people, would deny Muslims their right
to lawfully erect a place of worship. Hitler must be laughing in hell
over that one.

Or maybe these cretins do know it but would rather not tangle with the
military. It's so much safer attacking a minority.

Interesting... do you have any links about this mosque in the
Pentagon? Pictures? I'm truly curious 'cause I can't find anytyhing
that supports your claim (though googling pentagon and mosque will
return hundreds of nearly verbatim claims, though like yours, there's
nothing to substantiate the claim that there's a mosque in the

My guess would be that there may be a Muslim Chaplain , just as there
are probably Rabbi's, Priests, etc. But a mosque in the Pentagon?

I'll just wait to see...

Google "mosque in the Penatagon" and you'll be rewarded with 615,000

Yeah, I've seen all that. But back to my question... any pictures of
this mosque in the Pentagon? Or, is it simply a Muslim Chaplain on

There are are also mosques, I understand, at the Quantico
marine base and at West Point.

ANy pictures of these?

Devious Ay-rabs are infiltrating the military in preparation for a coup.