Re: Drill baby drill!

Mark wrote:
On Apr 23, 11:27 am, Ouroboros Rex <i...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 4/23/2010 4:07 AM, Mark wrote:

Drill baby drill? HELL NO.
Oh yeah. Imagine that next to the Florida or California coast. Be a
hell of a recovery then!

They say that rig spill may hit the gulf coast. Even if it doesn't
the silent death of coral and multiple species is a travesty.
If it happened once, it will happen again. And to what end?
A miniscule and temporary amount of oil that won't even
affect the price at the pump.

Maybe when the last fish has died, and all the animals are
extinct, and there aren't any more trees, and the air is just
poisonous smoke, maybe then, these people will finally
realize that YOU CAN'T EAT MONEY.

If the super volcano in Yellow Stone Park ever cuts loose, that just may happen.