Re: Understanding Evolution: History, Theory, Evidence, and Implications

On Sat, 26 Dec 2009 17:37:46 -0500, Buzz <buzzard99@xxxxxxx> wrote:

My guess would be that your opinion of your importance to that
"certain person" is over inflated.

You are correct. As a worldly person as I have always said I
am in this NG. The only importance I place on anyone is myself. Since
not one of you add one penny to my income, what any of you think is
fine by me. It does not add or detract from my life in one ioater
(sound it out I-oat-er).

My knowledge of the Bible is just that, knowledge. I do NOT
live my life by it, any more do I live my life by the knowledge that
smoking carsers cancer. I know for a fact that it does, but still
smoke do to my own selfish reasons. Does that take away from my
knowledge of the relationship between smoking and cancer, I think not.
I do not think even Tom would claim smoking does not casue cancer just
do to the fact I say so, yet still live my life as it doesn't.
We're in a war dammit. We're going to have
to offend somebody. - John Adams