Re: Understanding Evolution: History, Theory, Evidence, and Implications

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An good problem resolution process begins with a clear, concise and
accurate description of the problem to be solved. You, IMO, have
failed to do that.

There is no problem to be solved. I started off with a presentation that
there are no actions on this planet that if god is God by definition is not
onto, and if God fails to act that is the same as condoning the action. And
I get jumped on by the local council of Elders.
The simple fact that remains, if you believe in an infinite God, then you
can't pick and choose when God acts.
God always acts.
And to what purpose I have no idea.

According to you but not me.

Tom has a problem with Jehovah Witnesses, his use of the term
"Elders" makes me believe this. I might be wrong on this, but his
pass attacks on the subject and his out right haltered makes me think
I am not.

As far as God acting, God will NOT act until his day of rest
is over, which continues now in our day. Until then Man and Satan
rule this system of things.
We're in a war dammit. We're going to have
to offend somebody. - John Adams