Re: Understanding Evolution: History, Theory, Evidence, and Implications

On 27-Dec-2009, old.salt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

As far as God acting, God will NOT act until his day of rest
is over, which continues now in our day. Until then Man and Satan
rule this system of things.

God not acting, you've read the Old Testament? When was the official day
that God decided God was out of the picture.
So everyone on this planet as of this point, need not pray for intervention
from God, Gods taking the day off.
Wait one minute here, on the seventh day God rested, which is past tense, so
did we have another week go by, or what week are we on?
This is silly.
Why in heck does god need rest?
Ok! enough of this.
When God does not act, God is acting because God is God and infinite and
being infinite is part of everything with no boundaries. Where I get off
from the rest of you is I believe what is happening is beyond our
comprehension and God is not a bystander. If anyone here can clearly state
that they don't feel a presence of a higher being conciousness that is
acting then they are missing something.
I don't believe in some being that is separate from us, but is part of us
from day one to now and is acting even thou we can't see it.