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Obamas citinship case has finally reached the Supreme Court filed by
the Americacns for Freedom of Information group. Collge transcripts
>from Occidental college shows Obama under the name Barry Soetoro
recieved financial aid as a foriegn student from Indomesia.The aid
came from the Fulbright Foundation Program.To qualify a student must
claim foriegn citizinship.There to date is no record of him having
ever applying for citizinship in the U.S. The Justice Foundation
released results of their investigation.It estimates that Obama in the
past year spent upwards of 950,000 dollars in capmpaign funds in the
past year with law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block
disclosure of any personal records.Also what passport did he use when
shuttling between Neew York,Jakarta and Karachi?? How did a young man
who arrived in New York in 1981 without the price of a hotel room in
his pocket suddenly come up with the price of a round the world trip a
month later??And once he was shuttleing between the 3 country's what
passport was he using??Also he traveled to Pakistan in 1981"his
words".What passport did he use?a U.S.passport could not be used
because Pakistan was on the State Departments no travel list in 1981
leaving either a british or Indonesian passport.If it was british then
that would provide proof he was born in Kenya on August4,1961 not
Hawaii as he claims,if he was using an Indonesian passport that would
prove that he relenquished whatever previous citizinship he held
british or America.prior to being adopted by his Indonesian Step-
Father in 1967.So whatever the truth ends up being the American peole
need to know how he managed to become a "natural born"citizin between
1981 and 2008.If he was claiming dual citizinship then he would be
disqualified to run for president of the U.S.

You'r right I admit I jumped the gun,but whats wrong with wishfull
thinking plus he has yet to show any proof of his real citizenship
which makes me and a lot of others whant to know why he would be
afraid of laying it all to rest.I have to say I holestly believe there
is a real cover up that has been ongoing concerning Oboobo

While I do believe there is a ton of proof President Obama is a
"natural born" citizen of the U.S., you would be correct in thinking
that his original birth certificate has not been produced.

I too believe there is something he does not want known to the public
and I suspect that something is either on the original birth
certificate or the information there will lead to its discovery.

I also feel it is perfectly acceptable for him not to produce that
document. It could be that any of us would do the same. Hard to know
without seeing the original birth certificate though.

Considering the position he holds and the Constitutional requirements
for the position he holds, I don't believe he has the option to
withhold his birth certificate from public scrutiny.

The law requires any one leaving the United States and returning, upon
entry the person has to produce a Passport proving that he/she is a
citizen of the US.

The question is, is Obama exempt from the law and if not, he had to
produce a birth certificate in order to obtain a Passport. If he has a
Passport, he was born on US soil. If he hasn't a Passport and is
traveling as the President of the US, then he should produce his birth

Can you name people in the federal government who are not required to
conform to the law of the land? I've been taught no one is exempt from
the law.

He has met the constitutional requirements by supplying his official
birth certificate.

What is his official birth certificate?

Sorry, I should have used the more proper name which is Hawaii's
Certification of Live Birth or Certificate of Live Birth (I don't know
which is correct and have seen both names used.). That is a
relatively short document which is printed (probably by computer) and
can be created after the birth is registered with the state.

The original birth certificate is the document which was completed in
the hospital at the time of his birth.

The Certification of Live Birth (or Certificate of Live Birth) was the
document used to supply the copy of Obama's birth certificate during
the campaign.

In case you have not seen what Fact Check and Snopes has to say about
this debate you can go here;



I've seen the Hawaiian birth certificate and I've read snopes. I'm not ready to accept these documents as proof of his area of birth. It seems to me that with all the investigation that has befallen Sarah Palin, there could at least have been some investigation conducted to see if Obamas grandmother (on his fathers side) told the truth when she said Obama was born in Kenya. Obama has relatives in Kenya, why is there no evidence of their being questioned? Why hasn't there been interviews with Obamas African family?

Sounds like there has been plenty of investigation to me. What makes you think none of that has happened?