We're Saved!


We have a "framework" and a "foundation". And "transparency" and
"targets", "potential" and "pledges".

But...there are still some lying SOB's out there that don't believe
Copenhagen was an overwhelming success:

Many countries are already irritated that they were left out of the
last-minute negotiations. "This is a declaration that small and poor
countries don't matter, that international civil society doesn't
matter, and that serious limits on carbon don't matter," said Bill
McKibben, the head of the environmental activist group 350.org. "The
President has wrecked the U.N., and he's wrecked the possibility of a
tough plan to control global warming."

Didn't Mr. McKibben see that we achieved a framework, foundation,
transparency, targets, potential and pledges?

Oh sure, almost immediately there was harsh condemnation. In a hastily
called press conference on the steps of the media center, Lumumba
Stanislaus Di-Aping, Sudan's U.N. Ambassador and the head of the G-77
negotiating bloc of developing countries, lambasted the agreement and
vowed to fight it. "The deal remains just an idea," he said. "Obama
acting the way he did definitely established that there's no
difference between him and the Bush tradition."

But they're just more lying, right-wing, racists.

Saved at last, saved at last, thank God almighty, saved at last!
Jeff 'The Wizard of Draws' Bucchino
Cartoons with a Touch of Magic™