Re: Climate change: this is the worst scientific scandal of our generation

Wizard of Draws wrote:
On Dec 1, 5:10 pm, cg <cgrams7@{removethis}> wrote:

Unfortunately for the warmers, the truth will out, and Hell's coming
with it.

I still am not convinced they are wrong. Nor am I convinced they are
correct. Once all of their raw data is released for review by all
that might change.

All the raw data no longer exists, according to the scientific liars

There are three more independent sources for raw climate data. CRU wasn't
even the best - it ignores the polar regions.

All of the following four figures show net global warming
increase from the 1990's to the 2000's of about the
same order of magnitude. There is a difference about which
is the hottest years, 1998 or 2005 - but the curves all resemble
one another.`

Moreover the ocean¹s total heat content has shot up in the
2005-2009 period to record highs

..But hey, keep making stuff up, it's all you guys have left. =)