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The dollar slumped to a 14-year low point against the yen on Thursday,
prompting fears that a further surge could hurt a fragile recovery in
Japan, the world's second largest economy.

Gold scored yet another record high, breaching 1,195 dollars an ounce as
the US currency waned.

LOL You choose to ignore about 30 years of the history that leads
us up to this point.

Who's running the country, Dave ?

Took GWB 8 years to truly screw the pooch, and you want everything
to be Obama's fault now. Typical revsionist Conservative whacko...

You're just an obama denier.

You are really acting stupid.

At least mine is an act.

Good one, if not accurate. I was giving you the benefit of the
doubt. You seem to have removed that doubt. :(


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