Re: Sarah Palin: Qualified to be President?

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It's really simple.

Leftist pundits have gone "postal" trying to discredit a failed populist
Republican vice-presidential candidate of a failed centralist Republican

Rightist pundits are developing a new cottage industry trying to figure out
what the hell there is about Sarah Palin that scares the bejesus out of

Independents are just shaking their heads, muttering that these people "need
to get a life."

Perhaps not so simple:

Leftists are pretty much scoffing at Palin, not going postal.

The American Left went into full attack mode about two hours after she was nominated and if anything, they have esculated their attacks after she lost. It's almost like they recognize someone, though unpolished at this point, has the same potential to become as chrismatic as the early Barrack Obama.

Personally, I don't think that Sarah Palin is presidental material, BUT, she's certainly as "presidental" Barrack Obama. (Since I believe that Barrack Obama is well on his way to becoming a "Jimmy Carter II", that's actually damning with faint phrase.)

The harder that identified Leftist pundits hammer on Sarah Palin, the MORE likely it is that she will be the next president of the United States. Republican eliets are quite willing to let Palin make a bundle of money from her book and then fade away. But, following the old dictum, "You are known by the enemies you make".

It's truely ironic. If Sarah Palin does become a conservative leader, a real contender, it'll be as a result of the American Left, and NOT the American Right.

"That which does not kill us, makes us stronger."

Rightists are still going about the business of trying to figure out
how they can convert those further to the left of them over to the
evangelical Right.


I am not sure what independents are thinking. That part is

As I said before, it is all about perspective.

About 25, or maybe 30 years ago, the company I worked for then, had
us participate in a training program about diversity of thought and
values. I believe it was an early version of this one;

Believe it or not, the SS Administration, went through exactly the same process and, in fact, I believe I attended one of this guy's seminors. Had to be in the mid-80's. I vaguely remember, "You Are What You Were" when you were ten years old.

Same guy?

Companies do understand the value of communication in their business
sometimes. More recently, we had another training that was more about
the same, but from a different slant, namely how the human mind works.
He talked about Cognitive dissonance, and how conflicts affect the
human mind.

Bahhhhhh...I've been to 'em all. Steven Covey, Blanchard, Lawrence Peter, W. Edwards Deming and others, long since forgotten. I took something away from each of them, but Deming came as close as anyone, to a true conversion in my case.

[I still have fond memories of a "team building management retreat" held in the woods. We spend the day accomplishing some hurculean tasks. We managed to get one section chief (all three hundred plus pounds of her) throught a truck tire suspend by a rope ten feet in the air. Their final evaluation on this group of government managers. Paraphrasing, "I have never seen a group of managers so unwilling to experiment, so deathly afraid of failure, so willing to set back and let someone else do the work, yet accomplish every single task set before them.]

What I believe we see in this group are extremes of a "True
Believer,' who carries beliefs beyond facts in evidence. At the same
time, the facts are distilled by who we are.

So, my perspective on all of this comes from a different place than

Actually, I would tend to agree. I am beginning to suspect that Middle America IS on a different path from the Coasts. And the paths are diverging. As noted before, I suspect that you would have a hard time recognizing a Kansas Democrat.


"It is not these well-fed long-haired men that I fear,
but the pale and the hungry-looking."

Julius Caesar