Re: Fox - "Our news hours are subjective." ...Yeah.

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If you're going to quote uber left wing lie sites, at least let
someone else come and type out the quotes for you.

In your opinion, is FOX Objective?

Yes, their news segments are objective. From what I've seen, more so
than other cable news networks.


For example, Shepherd (sp?) Smith might report that the dems are
proposing to move $250 b b Billion of the costs of obamacare to a
seperate bill so that they can make the claim that they're not adding
one dime to the deficit.

O-Reily or Hannity may talk about what weasels they are for doing it
and what dolts their supporters are for buying it.

The first is the news. The second is commentary (after all, it's
certainly not news that people are falling for it)
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