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Is this what liberal Democrats have come to?

Yes. They are, after all, just the liberal brand of lying, cheating,
corrupt politicians. The Republicans are doing exactly the same sort
of stuff except the special interests they are supporting may be

None of them are there for you, me, seniors or any other voter. They
are there for the interest groups who paid for their campaigns. That
will continue to be the case as long as the politicians can come up
with excuses meant to hoodwink the voter and support those who pay the
campaign bills regardless of what happens to the voters.

I agree, they are all crooks of one form or another.

I posted the commentary because it gave a view of why the AARP was so much in favor of the
healthcare bill.

I had wondered why they were so much in support and this gave me an idea of why.

I thought others could use the info.


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