75% of ex-Bush officials can't get hired

Gee, who wouldn't want to hire someone who was connected to known
liars, frauds, and criminals?

While the market for job-seekers in the United States might be
sour, for most it isn't as impenetrable as it is for the nearly 3,000
former members of the Bush administration.

Between 70-75 percent who are looking for full-time work still
haven't found new jobs, according to a Saturday report by the Wall St.

"That 'is much, much worse' than when Ronald Reagan, George H.W.
Bush and Bill Clinton left the White House," Carlos M. Gutierrez, who
served as Bush's commerce secretary, told the paper. [...]

The think tanks "lack interest in hiring high-profile Republicans
when Democrats control the White House and Congress," said the
Journal. "Mr. Bush's low approval ratings at the end of his term don't
help, said Leonard Pfeiffer IV, a Washington recruiter for

In that case, I'm sure that the former Bushies will more than
appreciate, support, and take full advantage of, President Obama's tax
cuts. In the meantime, maybe they can spend some of their spare time
volunteering at homeless shelters before, say, enlisting in the

Robin Elliot