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On Sun, 1 Feb 2009 13:12:15 -0800, "Ernie Jurick"
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I don't understand why people in public life don't just recognize that
they should report anything that might even conceivably count as
income, and do things right the first time.

Given the state of our tax code, the most complex in the world, that's
almost impossible. And few people in the upper brackets do their own taxes.
Daschle should probably hire a new one with more federal government

...I don't mind paying a bit more in taxes if it's for a good enough
reason. I also don't have a huge problem with others trying to hang
onto more of their own...within limits. But if you're in the
government, or expect to be...the i's need to be dotted and the t's
crossed. The stuff that is being brought up on these guys is fairly
nitpickish and lame, but it is making the news and makes Obama look
like he hasn't done his homework.

He wants to tax the "rich" more and some the well to do people that he
is selecting have not been paying what they are supposed to.
Jim Rusling
More or Less Retired
Mustang, OK

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