I don't care how good it sounds

I am sure you have seen the commercial for Bose Wave Music
System. Now I got an old stario, with 4 foot speakers, that if I
crank it up, can be heard in LV. And since one can not tell what
kind of sound the Bose system puts out with out hearing it for one's
self, I fininaly got curese enough to want to check it out.

So I found them on the Web
and for just the basic system (which plays just one CD at a time, you
will need to order as extra the 4 CD add on) goes for $500. My system
plays 25 CDs, and until it dies completely (have had it now for over
25 years) I will not be looking for a new system, and Bose will NOT be
on the list no matter how good the sound it.
If you like my photos at www.myspace.com/osalt feel free to buy them.