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On Wed, 06 Feb 2008 08:17:48 -0600, "Rick B."

What do you use with Stunnel? I use Pan and was
planning on using that with it unless you can recommend something better.

I use Agent and Dialog (under WINE) with stunnel4. Seems to me I've used
slrn with stunnel4, too, but am not currently using slrn.

Just took a quick look at pan .132 and am surprised there's not an option
for SSL. Would've expected that to be included in a *nix newsreader.

I don't have any recommendations on a *nix nntp client. Find one that
works with you - not against you - and use it, or several. My main
newsreader is still Agent, an old version of Agent, at that. It does
everything I need. It's biggest failing is the limited news filters.
Agent just can't keep out the spam and sporge that's ona dramatic increase
these days.

Would stunnel have something to do with installing a linmodem?

Gerry Ford

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