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>>Living in Somersey Kentucky the year has started out not so good. I am
>>a disabled vet and recieve that check on the 1st of the month if the
>>1st falls on a weekend or holiday then the checks are delivered the
>>day before. My disability check never showed up at the post office
>>and after many calls to the government and others I called the main
>>post office here in Somerest Kentucky and was told that the checks
>>were delayed because they were mishandled at the main post office in
>>Lexinton Kentucky causing them to be late and not delivered until the
>>3rd. Now I am in the predicament of having to make overdrafts and such
>>and have to try to get a letter from the supervisor here at the
>>Somerset post office explaining what happened to the checks and show
>>it to the banks and debtors and pray that they are understanding and
>>cut people like myself and many others here a break.and I don't want
>>to hear about dierect deposit because I know if numerous people like
>>myself and thos on SSI that went to the banks only to find that their
>>checks had still not been deposited. It will be interesting to see
>>how many of the banks and buisinesses will be understandins and how
>>many will be cold hearted in this town.

> ...dunno what good it'll do, but I'll keep a good thought. For the
> future, is there any way you can set up a direct deposit with your
> bank? You wouldn't be at the mercy of the Postal Service...

In his post, the man said he doesn't want to hear anything about direct
deposit because then he'd be at the mercy of the bank/guv/whatever. I have
had my SS check direct deposited since I retired in 1995. I have yet to
experience a late deposit. My roommate is on both SS and SSI. Her SSI
check arrives at her bank on the 1st or earlier. She, too, has never
experienced late deposits. Sometimes you just gotta trust someone, even if
it's government.


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What I don't see is why the bank is charging you a fee for having
direct deposit when there is no paper work or really personel involved
as it is all done electronically. I don't know who regulates these
fee's I guess the banks in which in this town and state are rather
high to say the least

Banks don't charge fees for direct deposit.
Sometimes, banks charge fees for holding an account open, although I've never paid.
I find it hard to believe that you would have such trouble with a day-late check, in a small town, unless you have established a reputation as a deadbeat.
Why wouldn't you contact the VA, especially since it's supposedly a VA disability?
You're sure whining a lot for a veteran.
Is there some kind of rant in the offing?