Re: Rove Leaves as a Failure

On Aug 17, 4:34 am, WaIIy <eI...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On Thu, 16 Aug 2007 04:37:43 -0000, Doug Reese <dre...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
None of Kerry's Purple Hearts were for shaving cuts. All three were in
combat, and
"connections", real or imaginary, had nothing to do with him receiving

Doug Reese

That's a good one. You're a regular Don Rickles.

Very funny, Wally. I thought I had heard them all, but that's

Perhaps you'd care to point out how what I have said that is
incorrect, sticking to the facts of the various (three) situations. I
know that's difficult for some people, but try, if you would.

Doug Reese


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