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You missed the free Giveway yesterday.
If you want a copy, I downloaded it, and will email it to you.

Call me when they post office 2007-:)

Btw, whats the Quicken problem you were talkin' about fella?
There's nothing wrong with 2007 Quicken (Deluxe); it works great!
Just updated my 2004 version (which will no longer support downloading financial
after 4/30) with the 2007 version using my Circuit City (Vonage rebate) gift card.

You mean the one i gave you! -:) I had a few problems with it and
right off the top of my head can't articulate them cause i have way
forgot what it was.

The fix however i do remember and that's to go in and validate, then
super validate your data and go from there. Another words, seems i
had a corrupted file.

I like it. Most of my stuff i can get via "direct download" which is
a good thing because i hated the "web connect" interface.

I thought you said you were having problems with a newly installed 2007 version and
you recommended not getting it.