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Excluding the shop building itself, (and labor) you could easily duplicate
Norm's shop for under $20,000.

I strongly disagree. Take a good look at his shop sometime. His hand
tools alone are worth big $$.

I've watched Norm for years...

His table saw, maybe his lathe, and the 36" wide belt sander are the most
expensive tools in the shop. The saw can be bought for $2500. The belt
sander costs about $3500. The rest of the equipment, routers, jointers,
nailers, bandsaws are all highend, but NOT usually commerical duty
equipment. I'm sure I'm generalizing too much, but right off the top of my
head, I can't think of anything wildly exotic that he uses regularily.
(Wildly exotic = a $400 Incra miter guage....)

I might be off in my estimate, but I'd argue it's not wildly inaccurate.
(Wait...somewhere, he must have one helluva dust collection system, isolated
from the shop. Otherwise, the dust generated by a couple of cuts would fog
the TV shots. Allow me to exclude that system. It probably is expensive.)

Keep in mind that, while the range of tools/brands he's used over the years
is truely impressive, a fair number of them show up in a few shows, and then
disappear, never to be seen, again.

Again, to clarify, I think his *current* shop equipment probably is in the
$20,000 range, maybe $25,000 to add in a fudge factor. If there is a lesson
to be learned from Norm, notice that his tools are always clean and SHARP.

Heck, the first year he was on TV, he used a ShopSmith, almost exclusively.
While he refuses to badmouth any tool, he has stated that he does not own a

(It's certainly not in the range of the guy that buys a $35,000 boat, with
$5,000 worth of electronics, and then a $45,000 truck to tow the boat, all
to kill a 3-pound fish.)