Re: Illegal Immigrants and the Economy

trudogg wrote:
On 19 Apr 2006 13:41:48 -0700, "f. barnes" <fredlb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

...there is no way to seal the border. Anything mentioned to date has
been either way to expensive or unworkable
The border can be sealed. Yes it will be expensive, but it's more
expensive not to seal it. Just a wall won't do, however, it will also
require deployment of the military along the border, at least for a
while, and a few dead bodies. Every nation has a right to protect its
borders. And once they found out we were deadly serious, and we will
have to be to stop them, not so many would try it. sounds like you are advocating the shooting of unarmed
immigrants. We have a right to protect our borders, but not murder
unarmed, essentially non-violent illegals.

I would not advocate killing unarmed immigrants too, but tell me, would you consider killing armed immigrants? After all, that's the flip side of unarmed. <g>

It may seem harsh. It is harsh. But there's no other way for this
nation to survive. Otherwise, as the population of Latin America
continues rising, their excess people will continue heading north
indefinitely. Europe has the same decision to make as do we --- become
harsh, or go under.

...we do need to get harsher in how we deal with this situation. But
what you describe is off the wall.

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