Bin Laden Scorecard

Okay if your a Bush fan, skip to the next messge real quick, this is going
to hurt.

Seems we're close or might be on the Eve of Bush doing something to Iran,
hopefully someone will reign this fool in on this one
Enough of that, on to Bin Laden
All in all is Bin Laden really losing

During the 80s, Bin Laden seemed to pull off most all that he wanted, but
according he wasn't up againest Bush, so lets check it out from there.
9/11, Bin gets WTC, loses homebase, but gains real notriety . I'll call this
a draw
Iraq, seems Laden and Saddam were not getting along, so Laden really had no
pull in Iraq, U.S. takes out Saddam, Laden gains influence, Laden wins
Now if you check out history with Laden vs. the Taliban, these two aren't
really getting along, so now Bush is going to go after Iran ? I'll let you
guess the results of that.
Moral of the story, you can't leave mess's you can't clean up, because
someone else may.
Regardless what you neo-con knuckleheads may think, a few Air strikes and
what not is not going to clean this Iranian mess up in what you may think in
a few days. If anything the mess will get worse.