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They worked and saved and
invested and worked some more until they became rich. And many
continued to work and grow wealthier as time passed by, because
they loved making money rather than just spending it. (A concept
that liberals can't understand)

Yeah, keep telling yourself that all you have to do is work and
save. Then you can blame "liberals" when it doesn't quite work out
that way for you.

You seem to be jealous of those who have become wealthy and their
children. I do hope I'm misreading your apparent envy.

He seems to think I am a teenager like he is. I am 76.

I don't know Deadrat's age, but I get the impression he's closer
to your age than a teenager's.

I already worked and
saved for 40 years, retired at 61, and am living comfortably off of my
investments. It has already, "worked for me". He is the one who will
on the government for his retirement, and will end up living in a
court outside Tulsa, OK or some similar place, and bitch about the
people who live up in the hills after they, "stole from the poor" all of
their lives.

Sadly, there are people like that.

Name one in public life.

Who mentioned public life?

There's no other way to measure your claims.

I suppose you can make the argument that they are people, and
that the do appear in public. Unless they're shut-ins.

How can anyone tell anything about
people you supposedly know? Indeed, how can you even know much about people
know? Polls show that self-described liberals make up 20% of the
That's large enough for these folks to have people they support in public
and we can evaluate the positions of those people.

While the people being discussed will support one or more who are
in public life, this has nothing to do with the people themselves.

It's interesting how you want to distract from the points being

It's interesting that you can find no evidence for your claims. Sadly,
are people who live up in the hills who complain all the time about the
What hills are those?

When did I mention hills?
If you have an issue with Bill's claim, take it up with Bill.

It's a statement of Bill's you couldn't wait to endorse.

Lying isn't helping you.

Yeah, yeah. You're the only honest person on usenet.

Thanks, but I'm certain you're wrong.

You are the one who mentioned people in public life.

I'll type more slowly so you'll be able to follow. Your personal anecdotes, as
touching and fascinating as they are, aren't evidence for your argument. Or at
least, not good evidence. I can't check your stories.

Bill mentioned poor people (though he didn't call them poor) who
complain about how others stole from them. You are the one who made
it about people in public life.
And I gave no examples of the people Bill referenced.
Try honesty, DR.


Well, at least you accept the unevidenced sadly.

If you have anything that would support a claim that no poor
people bitch and claim the wealthy stole from them, even anecdotal,
offer it.

Here's the way it works, Sparky. I don't have to provide evidence to refute
your claims. It's you who has to provide the evidence in support of them.

So you want me to refute your apparent claim that no poor do so.
Uh huh...

Ah, my *apprarent* claim. Is that what it appears to you, Skippy?

Yes. I wouldn't have written it if it had not.

Nope. I've
merely challenged you to support *your* claim.

You did so AFTER I challenged you.

Do some poor people blame rich
people for everything. It doesn't sound impossible, but I don't know. You
claim to. So let's hear that evidence.

What's the actual claim I made?

anecdotal evidence on a newsgroup isn't worth the bits to transport it. Yeah,
it's human nature to make and believe claims to support a world view.

That's not the claim I made.
Care to try being honest?

Yeah, yeah. You're the only honest person on usenet. Anyone who challenges
your piffle is dishonest. I get it.

While it's nice that you think so, unless you're lying again, I'm
not alone in being honest. But do prove your claim that I alone am

It takes
a modicum of intellectual discipline to seek out verifiable evidence to
those views.

Obviously, the choice is up to you.

And, in direct contrast to you, I chose to be honest.

Yeah, yeah.

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