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If a person uses the police to harass another person, by calling the
police and telling them false information about that person, what law
is being broken? Or should I say what can legally happen to a person
who falsely uses police to harass someone?

For example, Bill sold an AS-IS used car to Jane, and a month later
the car's engine blew up. Jane went back and insisted he give her the
money back. Bill told her that the car was sold AS-IS and when he
sold it, it was running fine, and he is not giving her money back
after a month. Jane speaks with a lawyer and the lawyer tells her
that she can not do anything in court because the sale said AS-IS.
But Jane wants to get revenge, so she makes up a big story about Bill
being a child molestor, and spreads the word around town that he
molested a child, etc etc etc.... One day she drives past a park and
sees Bill sitting on a park bench near a bunch of children, so she
calls the police and tells them that a known child molestor is in the
park with children. She is very convincing and says that Mary C.
George T. Richard W. Janet B. and Sarah L. all know about this guy
being a child molestor (of course she told all of them that he was).
The police go to the park and give Bill a complete run down, harass
him for being around children, etc. Jane gets a big thrill knowing
that Bill was harassed by the police, and she begins to follow him, as
well as some friends of hers, and all of them are instructed to call
the police whenever he looks suspicious and is near children.
Repeatedly the police are called and Bill is harassed, and even kicked
out of public places and taken in for questioning several times. The
police can not see any police record or former charges, but they're
getting complaints from ten or more people about this guy, so they
suspect he's a trouble maker and are waiting for the opportunity to
arrest him for the charge of child molestation (even though Bill is
perfectly inocent and has never even touched a child).

Ok, this was just an example, but if something similar occurred, and
Jane was finally "found out" to be a fraud, who started this whole
matter as a lie, and used police services to harass Bill, when he had
done nothing wrong, what would Jane be charged with? Would she be
arrested? Is this a misedemeanor or felony?

Filing a false police report is a crime in some states, probably all. It
can be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on state law. Yes, she could be
arrested, depending on whether the police have evidence.

This answer must not be relied on as legal advice for the reasons posted
here: . And I am not your attorney.



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