Re: Illegals have no rights? A question for RtS.

On Mon, 02 Nov 2009 08:27:26 -0800, Evan Platt wrote:

So illegals in the USA have no civil rights, right RtS?

So, here's my proposition.

If you are caught sneaking into the USA and you aren't a legal
citizen, you are rushed to a prison type facility. You are starved -
deprived of food and water, until you are inches away from starving to
death. You are then just given enough water and food to survive. Then,
it's done again. Do this a few times. You should be nice and skinny by
now. But we're not done yet. Before you can go, we want to make sure
you really never contemplate trying to cross our borders again.

So we break your kneecaps. And your wrists. Then toss you back over
the border. Let YOUR hospital deal with you. Because, you have no
rights, civil or otherwise.

And after a few dozens of these get shown on your local TV, people
will realize if you aren't a citizen, you better not even TRY to sneak
in to the Good Ol USA.

I'm betting in .. oh, say a month, the only thing not entering our
borders without a passport will be a tumbleweed.

So, RtS, why not? What's wrong with the above?

(For everyone else, the above is total sarcasm. I would never suggest
any of the above be done.)

Believe it or not, even though a person who entered this country illegaly
may not necessarily be protected by Constitutional "rights", there are
treaties between the USA, Mexico, and other sources which say that your
scenario could not be deployed.

Federal law says that a person who does not enter the country by legal
means has violated the law and thusly becomes a fugitive. When found, the
person is to be arrested, detained, and deported. International law says
that person is to be treated humanely. International law can not dictate
what rights that person under the country's laws has.

SCOTUS has ruled that "Equal protection" must be granted to these persons.
Deprivation of food and water, or other basic amenities, is against the
law. For any inmate.