Re: Letter of Apology to Charles Novins, Esq.

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As a public service to stAUKer defendants I 've
typed immediately below a form letter where you
can do yourself a big favor and save yourself
considerable expense by using it after discussing
the dollar figure items with Mr. Novins.


Insert date  (                          )
Insert place (                          )

I,  (insert defendant name), do sincerely and
solemnly apologize to Charles Novins, Esq. and
retract my libelous and defamatory statements
about his law practice where I malaciously
intended to do great harm to Mr. Novins and
his staff via public postings on Usenet.

I will post this retraction and apology in
archivable form on all concerned news groups
monthly for 12 months and I will put up a web
page linking to it.

I, (insert defendant name), agree to pay the
sum of (insert dollar figure acceptable to Mr.
Novins) as a gesture of good will and repentance
and as restitution to the good lawyer for any
possible loss of business or prestige his
law firm may have suffered due to my
irresponsible and conspiratorial bully actions.

I, (insert defendant name),furthermore, shall
refrain from any and all future defamation and,
to demonstrate my sincerety, I am depositing
(insert large dollar amount specified by Mr. Novins)
in escrow as a good behavior bond to be forfeited if
I engage in any future defamation. This sum shall
remain in escrow for ten years after which it
shall be available for withdrawel by me provided
I've kept my word.

In exchange for the above, Mr. Novins has graciously
removed my name as defendant from his pending lawsuit.

(signature and date)

(witness (3) signatures)

Notary Seal.

Very Good letter !!

Are you sure about that?

Mind you, I'm merely the proverbial "American Soccer Mom" effecting
to raise a child or two of New Jersey's 500 most prominent

So, WTF do I know......

HOWEVER, it seems to me that if Charles Novin is an attorney,
then, it's his duty and obligation as an Officer of the Court of New
Jersey to do a bit more then extort agreements from the SPP/AUK
Terrorist Ring to cease conspiring to blackmail, terrorize and murder
Charles Novins.

IF I'm wrong......oh well.

But, if I'm correct that Officers of the Court of New Jersey, such
as Charles Novin, have a duty and obligation to seek remedies for ALL
the crime victims of the SPP/AUK Terrorist Ring, which just so
happens to include a child or children of one of the 500 + most
important men in New Jersey.....then, Novins goose will be cooked
for failing to perform his duty and obligation as an Officer of the
Court of NJ vis a vis a child or children of prominent residents of NJ
who have also been being terrorized by the SPP/AUK Terrorist Ring.