Re: Debt offered to pay, refused, then sued

I would like legal opinions about this, since I realize common sense
opinions dont seem to coincide with legal opinions.

Lets say I owe someone $1000. I offer to pay them the $1000.

*WHAT* did you offer? Cash? check? money order? credit card?
debit card? Enron stock? Did you put any conditions on it like
he has to come get it at your convenience?

They refuse the money, tell me they dont want the money.
I believe if you offer someone *legal tender* (cash) in payment of
a debt (*debt* is a key word here), and they refuse it, you don't
have to pay the debt. I hope you have proof that this happened
(witnesses). There are, I believe some limits even on cash payments
(The IRS does not have to accept truckloads of pennies, and neither
do other creditors).

I am not a lawyer.

If you offer them some other sort of payment, and they refuse it,
the debt still exists.

What does that do to the debt, can they then come and sue me 5
months later.