Difference between "legal advice" and "Legal information"

As you may know, "Legal Advice" is that which you pay to get from an
officer of the court or have received from an officer of the court.

"Legal Information" is the conveyance of law and related matter.
Which can be performed by anyone at any time through not only spoken
words, but through printed media.

There is a misconception here in this newsgroup that people are
handing out "legal advice" when in fact it should be referred to as
"legal information".

As no one posting to this group has in fact, hired anyone under a
formal written contract, what they should expect in return is not
necessarily factual and pertinent to their question. If that is what
you want, then hire an attorney and ask them face to face.

No one in this newsgroup is known for a fact to be a properly licensed
attorney in YOUR jurisdiction. There is no requirement that anyone
here MUST be an attorney. This newsgroup is purely for the discussion
of all legal matters anywhere in the world.

Caveat Emptor.

You get what you pay for.

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