Re: Police & Prosecutorial Corruption in Nassau New York

Hi, John

I am in Long Island, too. How many % of public officiers or public servants
in Long Island apply our books to do their job? The number should be a joke.

If you have solid evidences, try "media". They are not afraid of everything,
but "media". I found criminal conduct at building dept. of Town of
Hempstead, too. I planed to report to DA office. But, I thought it might be
useless. That's why I never reported it to DA office. We are not
supermen/superwomen, and we cannot save the world. Those kind of scumbags
are everywhere. If you have a nice prosecutor, and get rid of one scumbag,
there are still lots of them everywhere. They work for a paycheck and for
"bribe" if they have a chance. Whether they have a heart to take care of our
system? I don't want to waste my time to think about it.

Court also has a similar problem.

"john menso" <Corruption@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Hello. My name is John Menso.

As a former NYPD detective investigator, it saddens me to be placed in a
position of having to make allegations of criminal and unethical conduct
against specific sworn citizens who once had my implicit trust and
respect...yet I was a witness to this serious misconduct.

I would not expect anyone to take my complaint seriously unless I provide
credible, independent evidence to support my allegations. I assure you,
evidence is there. I have no desire to slander anyone.

I wrote an article, that I posted to a webpage, describing the police and
prosecutorial misconduct I personally observed.

The purpose for posting this article is to, in part,
demonstrate why, IMHO, quite a few citizens and others have become
distrustful of police officials.

Before closing, I would like the reader to know I am not here to bash cops
and prosecutors. I hold nothing but respect and admiration for most of the
police officials and prosecutors I was privileged to work with.

My story is about acts of official misconduct committed by specific
citizens who "swore" to us they would uphold the rule and spirit of New
York State's criminal laws.

These individuals are:

Sergeant Robert S. Piampiano, of the Old Brookville Police Department -
Sergeant Piampiano orchestrated a criminal conspiracy and betrayed the
trust of the officers he swore to protect.

Police Officer Charles J. Hanney, of the Old Brookville Police
Department -
an officer who Sergeant Piampiano placed between a rock and a hard place.

Detective Greg Bartlett, of the Old Brookville Police Department - an
investigator who Sergeant Piampiano ordered to assist him in the
conspiracy. (on holiday overtime pay)

Nassau County Assistant District Attorney Ronald Schoenberg - A supervisor
in Nassau County District Court, who a jury panel of six Nassau County
residents determined is incapable of discerning fact from fantasy.

Nassau County Assistant District Attorney Dawn Marie Wladyka - A young
prosecutor who ignored most of the ethics she swore she would adhere
to...all in a apparent bid to win her first criminal prosecution.

Investigator Joseph Liante - A short time after the results of his
investigation into my criminal allegations against Sergeant Piampiano and
others was made public, Mr. Liante "resigned" his position as investigator
for the Special Investigations Unit of the Nassau County District
Attorney's Office.

Nassau County Assistant District Attorney Marshall Trager - ADA Trager
supervised Mr. Liante's investigation. After informing me his office was
taking no action on my complaint, he admitted the police falsified one
document they submitted to the NCDA in regard to my case.

When I, the complaining witness, attempted to determine more about his
investigation, he became irritated and told me to stop asking questions.
Nice guy, huh?

Nassau County Assistant District Attorney Frank Quigley - Bureau Chief,
Special Investigations Unit.

In order to apprise me of why his office was sweeping my criminal
allegations under the rug, ADA Quigley invited me to his office for two
meetings. And in each meeting, he smiled and grinned as he offered lie
after lie to cover for the malicious prosecution the jury inferred his
colleagues brought against me.

I am kind of reluctant to be harsh, but based on my personal experience, I
can affirm without reservation, ADA Frank Quigley is a loathsome citizen.

Thank you,

John Menso

How Sgt. Robert Piampiano of the Old Brookville PD Betrayed The Trust of
His Officers:

Nassau County District Court Judge Adam Moser & The New York State
Commission on Judicial Conduct: