I'm facing a few misdemeanor charges, arraigned August 4,
requested a public defender, assigned an attorney. After
playing phone tag for a couple of weeks, he calls me last
Friday. It's our first conversation, he tells me he's off on
vacation until Sept. 11... my pretrial conference date is
Sept. 12!!! I will get NO consultation with my attorney
before then!

"No worries", he says, "I'll go through the police report
with a fine tooth comb, discuss it with the county
prosecutor, then we can chat afterward."

WTF?!?! This is my 'legal representation'?!? Has
anyone ever heard of a situation like this?

But now I'm wondering... does this constitute an abrogation
of my constitutional rights? Can I make a motion to get
the case dismissed, on those grounds? Except I don't
know how that motion protocol thigamajig works, I'm
no legal beagle -

In California, if that makes any difference -