Re: My image has been used without permission...

I guess I'm just wondering what the end result would be if I sued...
The publisher said I should go ahead and sue him if I had money to
blow, b/c I would never be awarded any monetary damages. At best, he
said I could get them to take me off any future printings.

I'm not "sue happy," I just can't believe he backed up such
irresponsible action by being a total jerk. Would suing be worth my
while? I don't know that I can prove I suffered from it's publication,
it's a flattering picture. I'm just upset that it is being used to
sell books without my consent.

Kent Wills wrote:

First let me point out that I am not an attorney. If anyone
who is contradicts anything I write, go with their comments over mine.

You can sue the publisher if you want. The publisher is the
one selling the book with your picture on the cover. And the
publisher should have verified that there was a release for the

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