Cam's expert credible

It looks like Cam's expert did a decent job as did as Hayes so it would
appear that this case could still be tough to call. However the rest
of the evidence is not character assasination as Geragos contends. 3
independent witnesses said Brown was in the lead, not Lauren.
Multiple witnesses testified that Cam's daughter was upset to spend
time with him. I expect Cam will call character witnesses to say
otherwise but still. Multiple witnesses testified Cam was in debt up
to his eyeballs and Geragos was unable to refute this. Most
significantly it's not just the police who testified that Cam behaved
bizzarely after Lauren's death, which the defense could correctly argue
are too biased to take their testimony at face value. The 911 tape
itself shows quite clearly Cam was not acting like a grieving father.
This case is still too close to call and the defense is off to a good
start, but it appears to me the prosecution put on a good case and even
if the jurors decide that the experts are a wash they could use the
other evidence to tip the scales for a guilty verdict. If I had to
predict I would call it 60 percent for conviction, 40 percent for
acquittal on the strength of Yamaguchi and the witnesses Geragos will
present testifying that he and his daughter had a loving relationship.