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Hello All,

I need some advice on what needs to be done.

I moved to LA in May. I am a graduate student from University of
Illinois, Chicago and am currently on my training period. I had gotten
a short term project in LA (2-3 months) and moved here in mid May.

I bought a car in LA and was still holding on to my IL license since I
was moving back to IL in the next few months. I had a permanent offer
around June end from a company in Madison, WI. I was pulled over on
July 3rd in LA for speeding and the cop gave me a ticket for driving
with IL license despite me explaining that I was moving to Madison in
less than a month's time and that my stay here was temporary and that I
am a graduate student from Chicago. He still cited that I was not
authorised to drive in CA since my license was not from the same. My
car is registered to CA.

I am moving to Madison this weekend and am going to register my car
with the local DMV there and am also going to get a WI DL. I am guilty
for the speeding chrages but is there anything that I can do regarding
this misdemeanor the cop has cites.

What are the normal penalties towards this kind of violation. The other
thing is I had personally requested the clark at the court If I can
have the court date before I leave and he was adamant on the fact that
I have to show up onyl on the date they gave me. This means that I
would have to take leave on the second of joining work.'

Option one: show up in court on the trial date and explain to the judge, and
maybe the judge will dismiss the license charge. Option two: pay the fines
by mail before the trial date.

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