Re: city ordinance

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Hi everyone,

I have contracted with a company to build a pool for me. They
submitted for a permit with the city (in AZ) and it was sent back
denied. The city informed the contractor the pool equipment (filter &
pump) needs to be setback 5' min from the property line.

I have obtained a copy of the city ordinace they refer to, it states:

"The pool and all structures housing appurtenances thereto shall be not
less than five (5) feet from the nearest property line except, however,
that such pool or structure shall not be located between the front
property line and the front building setback line."

My interpretation is that the setback applies to the pool and any
"structure" that houses the equipment (filter & pump) and not the
filter/pump itself.

Am I correct in my interpretation ?

As a side note the filter and pump will be mounted on a small concrete
pad but no enclosure/structure will be built around or over.

Thank you in advance.

I could see where they would a filter/pump as a "Structure".
Could you not relocate it so it would meet the requirements?