Re: Are You Stupid Enough To Be A Lawyer?

I guess I was pretending by calling you a lawyer. A real lawyer would
at least use adult punctuation in his 6th grade grammar to insure
readability of his opinions by the lawyer's peers including 6th grade
judges. So let's say you who mock religion are as ignorant as the
countless lawyers I've described. Only a baby with its brain sucked
out during partial-birth abortion would think all religious people

Here's one from Dr. Michio Kaku, there is no evidence against aliens
with a civilization and technology millions of years ahead of us. Note

Jesus Christ made the claim, "I came down from Heaven." That makes Him

an Alien with no need of a space ship from a culture that may indeed
have created the world and seeded us.

Assuming the above is true, it is likely people throughout history have

had intuitions about the nature of God. The nation of Israel
prophecied the son of God in their lineage thousand of years before the

godless Hindu philosopher Buddha died unmiraculously of eating bad
pork. No other than Jesus Christ gives us the information needed to
grow into peers and citizens in his kingdom of heaven. Further, my own

non-unique spiritual experience of demons and other entities of
darkness proves the need for a kingdom of absolute truth and light as a

refuge from the dark realm. Therefore it is entirely reasonable for
all humans to voluntarily join that kingdom and work spiritually by
praying always to magnify it including keeping it pure from all the
injustices found in human governments.