Re: Loretta Serrano is a SICK BITCH!

Loretta wrote:
> Please provide his phone number. I'd be happy to call.
> I suppose you aren't newlyweds anymore, but you were a couple of years
> ago.
> I know who you are, Sam. I don't care. Really. You are a lunatic.
> Nobody cares what you type, think, do. Really. You are nobody. A
> nothing. A tiny blip in cyberspace. A foul-mouthed loser with no
> friends and no life.
> Who cares what you do? Nobody.

OMG ROFLMAO! Who am I this time? A couple of years ago? Try 6 years
ago! You're a laugh riot! Not only are you wrong about how long I've
been married you're wrong on all the above. If and that's a big IF you
ever find out who I really am, you will be amazed how wrong you are
about me.

As far as supplying my phone number to you......... yeah right what do
you take me for a crack head whore?