Re: Copyright and fair use in executive education


> | Hello Notme,

> Thanks Notme. To sum up, we are seeking legal advice. Though the profs
I work for are very successful in what they do, they work in very
strange ways, a bit like God, really, in that nobody can really fathom
them and you just have to 'believe' in them.... erm?

BTW Do you know what a professor is? A: A piano player in a whore house.

FWIW Ken Lay and company were very successful in what they did ... for a

> Also because the ways of god are shrouded in mystery, they aren't
willing to let mere mortals like myself know what they are really using
all this stuff for, so it's hard for me to get the information I need.
Further, because they trust no-one, they don't want me to ask anybody
about anything (including our school's legal dept. and copyright owners
I think), and probably would not be happy to know I am discussing this
on the internet. Worst of all, they don't even trust me, so even though
they asked me to look into this copyright law stuff for them, they
don't trust (or like) what I have found! I love my job!

It matters little that they don't trust you. Just don't allow them to let
you to twist in the wind on this issue. Just give them the data and turn
the loose as there are more than enough folk in this world that own the copy
rights that will be most happy to teach then an expensive lesson.

If you want to give them a heads up send them to this web site:

>Sorry for that bit of ranting. Anyway it is my job to make sure
everything's in line, and basically clear up the mistakes that have been
made in the past. I agree that the problem with the fair use is that
although I think we'd be covered on the financial aspect, it's the
educational use we aren't covered by, because as you said, the
copyrighted matter is not the subject of our teaching.

I did not perceive your original or subsequent post as ranting only a quest
to find the right process. I would recommend you document the issue and
keep a hard copy off site as CYA insurance.

Good luck.