Re: Feeding formula to toddler

Rosalie B. wrote:
Ericka Kammerer <eek@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think the most likely explanation is simply that
they didn't want their kids filling up on milk (or other
drinks) and not eating their meals.

I don't think there was any anxiety back then about children filling
up on milk. Rather I think that would have been desirable. I never
heard anything about that when I was a kid, nor did anyone that I knew
when I was raising my own kids raise that as a problem, although we
were supposed to give iron supplements. I didn't hear that children
shouldn't fill up on milk until after my children were grown and I
came here to the forums.

Not to deny your personal experience, but it certainly
isn't an entirely recent phenomenon. My grandmother had a
bugaboo about that sort of thing that went back to her childhood.
It might just not have been something relevant to your family.
It was important to eat your food, clean your plate, etc. Fill
up on milk and you might not do that.

Best wishes,