Re: 2-year-olds reading?

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Kindergarten started out very difficult. There was loads of written
homework from day 1. They started writing sentences the second week of
class, which I remember, because I just couldn't believe it. Of course,
there were kids who couldn't even trace the alphabet or knew their letters,
so it was ridiculous.
Crazy. How long did it take before they started treating the children like

There are different opinions about what this entails. How do you know
that your expectations are the right ones?

I am surprised that 5-year-olds of normal intelligence would not know
the alphabet. What have their parents been doing with them? Both of my
sons have done so long before their 5th birthdays. If schools are
clear about what entering kindergarteners are expected to know, I
think many parents will prepare their children accordingly. Children
who are slow in learning the basics should not hold back everyone

It is *NOT* developmentally normal or appropriate for
kindergarteners to be expected to do "loads of written homework"
or to be "writing sentences the second week of class." There
may be children who can do that, but there are boatloads of them
(even among the very bright) who cannot.

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