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are most teenagers really stupid or something? i was 17 when
i went away to college. i did not stay up all night, well,
except for one time a couple friends & i decided that walking
to Newmarket was an interesting idea... that did take all
night to get there & back.
most nights i was in my room before 11pm, & in bed before
midnight (& i'm a night person). a few nights i stayed at the
library until it closed at 1am.
is that *really* so unusual, or is it just that the party
types get more press?
I think both sorts occur in abundance.

The quieter sorts do try to be party types ;-)

They do? I'm sure some do, but certainly not all. Not
by a long shot.

That's part of the *point* of getting out and growing up.

Actually, I'd disagree with that. There are plenty of
folks who never feel the urge to sow their wild oats, and it's
not like those who don't are incomplete and doomed to, I dunno,
a particularly wild mid-life crisis or something ;-) There are
also plenty who do. Takes all sorts, and all that.

Best wishes,

It seems to me that folks who DONT go sow their wild oats learned their
lessons the easy way. And they should be thankful for that.

Often the easy way being, that they had some latitude while they still could
fall back on their parents if need be.

I'd rather see some of the early-adulthood exploration happen when I'm still
around (meaning my kid is still around home). It makes zero sense to me to have
it happen after I've kicked him out over questions of control in the household.

There may be some kids who both need and would brook to curfew rules at that age
(being careful not to be so blackandwhite ;-).

But I think for the most part, they either don't *need* the curfew (I had one
and totally didn't need it; should have defied it *more*), or are wild enough to
need it but won't be cooperating.

At what point do some folks here think it's time not to have a curfew?
Marriage? (Beliavsky - that's your cultural answer, and only for daughters.)
College when there's just nothing you can do about it? Where's that transition