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Rosalie B. wrote:
What do you tell a 6 yo who's worried people around him are going to die?
My dad was telling DS how old he is today and how he is going to die. He's
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Her family is Catholic, so it is not like introducing an off the wall theory.

She has NOT said that her family is Catholic and since she mentioned
that her dh is a non-practicing Catholic I think she would have said
if her family was also Catholic. I have a SIL who is a former
Catholic, and suspect he's a little bit like toypup's husband in this.
He does not practice any religion at all and is not interested in
doing so.

I can see that you are bossy, but on a public forum you do not have the right
to tell people what they definitely need and need not do.

If you were paying attention you would know that toypup is a
non-religious person and has no interest in practicing any religion -
she said she was an agnostic which is a person who doubts the
existence of a god.

She said that she would talk about heaven and the afterlife if it
would make him feel better, but I don't think it would, ESPECIALLY if
she doesn't believe in it herself. She might have some shot at doing
it if she was passionately sure about angels and heaven, but if it is
just words, the kid isn't going to buy it.

I said he may be upset, not that he is upset.

He WAS upset - that's what the question was in the original post. He's
worried that people are going to die. I don't think that telling a
child who is worried that his dad will die be comforted to be told
that his dad's soul will live on forever.

I think children should have
some knowledge of god and faith. That is my opinion that I may, and will
express it as I please. If I ever have need for someone to tell and boss me
about what to do, I will let you know:)

It is OK for you to express an opinion, but it is worse than bossy to
try to tell someone else what they should do WRT religious education
of their children, when you should know (if you could read for
content) that they do not subscribe to any religion.

Until then, retract your claws.

Lots of luck. You don't get to tell anyone else what to write either.

Banty was defending toypup's right NOT to teach her child religion.
And I will do the same, although I do believe in God and have taught
my children religion. I'm not of the opinion though that I am of such
authority as to say what other parents should teach their own

She said she would not have a problem talking about angels, and the afterlife-
both of which are in the Catholic, and Christian teachings. She also said she
wouldn’t mind her kid having a faith. It's not like I'm telling her she has
no choice but to do this, you are taking it out of context.

Non-practicing Catholic is does not mean that he is not a Catholic. So he
doesn't practice Catholicism, but he is still a Catholic and has a faith, so
he would know about the religion.

She asked for an opinion, and I gave her mine. You can give her your opinion,
as you have.
It is up to her what she will do, and I never said it wasn’t. Chill out, and
take it easy before you give yourself a heart attack.

Both of you are ready to jump all up in mine as if you are trying to tell me
I have no right to give her any advice, but I have a right to suggest that
she should consider allowing her kid to have a faith, just as you have a
right to suggest she not allow him one.

You nor Banty are Kelis, so stop trying to be bossy. You are not the boss of
me, or this usenet group, so step off a bit, you're all up in there like you
own it.

Bad kitty, retract those claws!

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