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What do you tell a 6 yo who's worried people around him are going to die?
My dad was telling DS how old he is today and how he is going to die. He's
67 yo and healthy. His immediate family members lived into their 90's in
mostly third world conditions. I expect he has a longetivity gene, though
that's not something we can guaranty. Knock wood. Both he and my mom are
always talking about how they're going to die soon. (My mom has been doing
that for more than 25 years.)

Anyway, this whole talk of age and death made DS a bit upset. When DH
asked where I was, he told him he didn't know, maybe I was dead. I asked
him why he talks of death and killing and dying like that and he told me he
didn't want Grandpa to die and started to cry.

DH is a non-practicing Catholic. I'm agnostic. I didn't explain heaven
and angels or afterlife, but I wouldn't mind bringing it up if it would
soothe him.

We haven't had to deal with that in regards to people, but for pets. The
way I explained it to my ( admittedly space-happy ) son is: "You know,
every bit of you came from a star that lived and died long ago. When
someone dies, part of them will eventually go on to be a part of other people,
plants - and even another star. So everything that makes them up doesn't
*really* go away forever." It seemed to help.

- Rich

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