Re: 128 students suspended at Ind. school

On 30 Aug 2006 10:10:22 -0700, npardue@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

Nan wrote:
On 30 Aug 2006 09:20:35 -0700, npardue@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
At our school, if a kid doesn't have the necessary supplies for class,
he is sent to his locker to fetch them ... and is then marked tardy.
(With whatever sanctions go along with that.)

What if the student's family can't afford the necessary supplies?

Well, I confess to thinking that there are surely VERY few families in
our community who can't afford a couple of pens and pencils and a
spiral notebook. (A packet of pens and a 10 pack of one-subject spiral
notebooks can be had for under $2. Most of the stores practically give
school supplies away during the August rush.) But, if they can't, there
are usually school supply drives each year, and students who get free
lunches can apply to not have to pay the annual textbook fees.

Our community is comprised of many lower-income families. So I do see
kids waiting for the bus without a backpack, or sometimes even a
winter coat.

Would kids who can't afford supplies be counted tardy, as in your
previous example?

Once again, I'm having a hard time envisioning a family that couldn't
afford a pen and notebook.

Well, just because you can't envision something doesn't mean it's not
reality for many families.

For most classes the only other suplies are
the textbooks, which are handed out at the start of the year. (In
Shaina's classes, the extra fee for art was mentioned in the course
catalog. The calculator was not. Her other classes (English, Japanese,
Biology) have, so far, required nothing else beyond pencils/pens and
paper and access to a computer. (Available at the public library for
families without home access.)

As long as they have a valid library card (at least in our city),
which can't be obtained unless the required ID is supplied to obtain a
card, and one must live in the township of the library. Some
townships don't have libraries, so those residents are out of luck
unless they want to pay an annual fee for a card.

Oh, and transportation to the library.

But obviously the 'tardy' applies to the fact that the student has to
leave the classroom and go to his/her locker,and is counted tardy
because s/he 'arrives' in class when s/he is actually prepared to work.

If a student truly could not afford necessary supplies, the student or
his/her parent would discuss the situation with the teacher or
counselor, and a solution would be found.

Well, since you can't envision being so poor that buying a pen and
notebook (which aren't the only supplies needed, btw) may mean missing
a meal, I'll assume you wouldn't understand that a child or parent
even admitting to not being able to afford such could be very
humiliating. Some kids would rather suffer the consequences than to
admit to being so poor.


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