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nimue wrote:
Really? You said he'd been trying to figure out how to institute a
dress code for years. You say that NYC schools cannot mandate
uniform policies. You stated that the schools I referred to in NYC
that had adopted uniform policies could not be regular public
schools because, as you repeatedly claimed, NYC public schools
cannot mandate uniform policies. I thought that perhaps pointing
out to you, and to him, that NYC had adopted a policy whereby
uniforms are the default, with individual schools permitted to opt
out, might help him. But I guess you just forgot to mention that
he simply chose not to adopt one, and that NYC schools can and do
mandate uniform policies.

My point is that I don't think kids should miss class if they
violate the dress code. This policy is especially infuriating if
the "violation" is not

Interestingly enough, NYC's policy agrees with you. It does not
permit kids to be suspended or asked to leave class/school for
uniform policy violations. Its in the same document that you and
your principal know about.

Wait just a minute while I wipe the Coke off my screen! :))

Yep. Here it is:

"Disciplinary action cannot exceed a sanction Level II as defined by
Board of Education's Discipline Code. Schools may impose any of the
following measures for failure to comply with a uniform requirement:
1. student/teacher conference
2. reprimand by school staff (e.g., dean, teacher)
3. parent conference
4. reprimand by appropriate supervisor (e.g., assistant principal,
E. Students shall not be suspended from class or school; or sent home
retrieve a uniform; or given a lower academic grade or receive any
academic punishment; or be prohibited from participating in a school
or extracurricular activity as a result of not complying with the
uniform policy."

Now, you have to remember that this refers to schools that have
uniform policies -- which Nimue's school does not. I suppose that
its possible that there are different rules re dress code violations.

I have no idea. I don't set the policy for my school. My main goal is to
get kids to learn. I want them to love literature and to write well. My
energy goes into that. Oh, I also like to protect kids from bullies. That
is where my focus is.



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